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Dr. Robert Davis Testimonials: 

"Dr. Robert Davis is the most knowledgable Bariatric Surgeon in Houston." - Nicholas  

"Dr. Robert Davis is down to earth, "tell it like it is" doctor. His a excellent surgeon and a great doctor."- Sande L. 

"Dr. Robert Davis spent a lot of time with me on my first visit and explained things. He was very concerned and caring. I feel completely safe in his hands when he does my gastric bypass surgery."- Debbie F. 

"This surgery changed my life in a very positive way. I have had no surprises or bad side effects. I highly recommend Dr. Robert Davis to anyone considering bariatric surgery. "- David

"Dr. Robert Davis is a no nonsense surgeon with a heart of gold. He is straight forward but compassionate about helping a population of people whom most of society dimisses." - Tambowra

"Was the best thing I ever did! I would highly recommend this doctor and have told lots of other nurses what a great doctor Dr. Robert Davis is!" - Dawn

"Dr. Robert explains everything very well adn i am pleased to have had the surgery done by someone that is very educated."- Maricela

"Dr. Davis literally saved my life. He is an excellent caregiver and i have never regretted losing weight!" - Jeanie

"I thought the practice was very helpful and kind" - Blake

"Dr. Robert Davis was so amazing during this life changing experience. He is an expert in the field and made the process make sense on the things I was unsure about or had false information about. Thank you Dr. Robert Davis, you have helped me transform my life. Now I am healthy and living a full life with my kids." - Lori Gaines

" A special thanks to Dr. Robert Davis. What a wonderful person and surgeon! I hope you continue to bless and impact lives like you have mine." - Claudette

"I was lucky to have both Dr. Robert and Dr. Garth at my surgery 7 years ago. They both saved my life and will always be grateful to them! Wonderful Surgeons." - Derly

"I am so impressed and love that he cares about me as an individual." - Charlotte

"I just love Dr. Robert! He has been with me through thick and thin (literally!). He has helped me when I have been worried aout cancer, which was found and treated because of my gastric bypass! I feel so blessed to have met Dr. Robert!" - Janyce

"I have been extremely fortunate to ahve Dr. Robert Davis and his son, Dr. Garth as my Bariatric Surgeons. they are wonders and i cannot speak too highly or sincerely about The Davis Clinic." - Norm 

"Dr. R has a great bedside manner. Always makes sure you have all your questions answered so you understand them." 

"He is a great surgeon and doctor. He changed my life. I feel 100% better" - Regina

"Easiest weight loss I've ever done!!!" - Stella

"I have had nothing but success after my bypass surgery. I thank God for Dr. Robert Davis and his wonderful staff." - Alexia


Dr. Garth Davis Testimonials:

"Dr. Garth Davis is a great surgeon with great skills and is very personable." -Scott

"I have been a patient of Dr. Garth Davis for years and he is awesome!!! He really cares about his patient's health." -Rhonda

"No one really wants surgery, but the professionalism and knowlede from Dr. Garth Davis makes the patient's total well-being a priority; making healing and success inevitable. Thanks to the whole staff as well." - Kelli 

"Thanks for a second chance Dr. Garth. I Couldn't have done it without you."- Deidre

"Dr. Garth has provided me wth a valuable tool with which to improve my life. I've learned some valuable lessons along the way and I'm excited about what the future holds."

"Dr. Garth Davis is an excellent surgeon, very personable and caring. The Davis Clinic provides a non-judgemental, supportive and therapeutic enviornment for your weight loss journey." - KK

"Awesome job...I feel great!" - Sedric

"Very professional and personal. I recommend this clinic to all who ask me about my weight loss." - Ruthie

"Greatest decision of my life. Bar none." - A.B.

"Dr. Garth is a patient man! He's done his part of my weight loss plan but I still struggle with mine. Thanks!!" - Cheryl

"Most sincerest, caring doctor that has committed himself to a patient and others well being." - Patti

"He has given me a new outlook on life" - Melissa

"Dr. Garth Davis is a very personable and knowledgable man. He understands what you are going through and is not judgemental in any way. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone." - Bob



Dr. Primomo Testimonials:

"Dr. Primomo is very kind, patient, understanding and non-judgemental." - Martha

"Care with Dr. Primomo has been great!! I love that he remembers me and I don't have to go through all the issues everytime." - Pat

"Dr. Primomo is wonderful. I have been very happy with all my results." - Karen

"Dr. Primomo is very kind and patient. He really cares about his patient's health and well being. he takes the time to explain all aspects of what to expect with the surgery of your choice and also allows you to ask any questions you may have. Dr. Primomo is someone who I would recommend to any of my friends.  Thank you" - Rachel

"I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Primomo! he was so kind and attentive."- Laury

"Dr. Primomo was wonderful and was recommended to me by my cousin, which encouraged me to think about my health, take care of my body for life and reach personal goals." - Pete

"Dr. P was very knowledgable adn took my concerns seriously and acted quickly to get me the tests to figure out my best options." - Dorothy

"Dr. Primomo seems to understand people with weight and food issues. Very kind therapeutic presence." - KK

"Dr. P has the best bedside manner I have ever experienced! he addressed all my concerns with sensitivity and made me feel comfortable with the decisions we made." - Sildaine

"Dr. Primomo is wonderful, kind and patient.  I thank him for assisting me in making this life altering process." - Rebo

"Best thing for me! Very happy with the results! Great Experience." - Donna

"Great in people skills, appreciate the communication with his team." 

"Dr. Primomo is very kind and caring of his patients. Each visit is prompt and his staff is exceptional! They have helped me begin a new and happier lifestyle!" Thanks!"- Cerise

"Awersome bedside manner. Very patient." - Dana

"Thanks to the awesome people at The Davis Clinic and Dr. Primomo, I was able to take my family to Disneyland and for the first time in my adult life I was able to ride all of the rides. I will forever be grateful for that." - David

"Dr. Primomo answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable every step of the way" - Donna

"My five years with The Davis Clinic have been life changing. Dr. Garth and Dr. Primomo are awesome. Love them all!! - Michelle

"Dr. Primomo was amaziong! He answered all of my questions and has an excellent bedside manner!" - Kathy

"It has been a pleasure and wonderful experience having Dr. Primomo as my doctor." - Tracy


Leo B.

Date of Operation: July 2, 2010

I had been struggling with my weight for more than 20 years. During that time, I developed high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, diabetes, anxiety attacks, and back and knee issues. I made several attempts to lose the weight; however, I was unsuccessful. My biggest fear was that if I did not lose the weight, I would not be alive much longer.

In May 2010, I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Garth Davis. After the consultation I was conviced that the surgery was the right thing to do. I began my liquid diet one month before my surgery. I weighed in at 415 pounds at that time, and the day of surgery my weight was down to 364 pounds. I began walking just a few hours after my surgery.

I then made up in my mind that I would participate in a marathon. I began training in December 2010, just five months after my weight loss surgery. On March 27, 2011, I ran a half marathon!  It was a great experience, and when I crossed the finish line, my mind reflected back to the day of my surgery.

I am still training to run a marathon which will take place in February 2012. I have lost a total of 180 pounds as of June 21, 2011. I have 35 pounds left to reach my goal. I am confident that I will reach this goal by December 2011!

Tiaesha S.

Date of Operation: August 11, 2010

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It was October 2009, and I had a doctor’s appointment with my OB/GYN. Throughout the years I would have irregular menstrual cycles I would go months without one. They tried to regulate them with different methods and nothing would work! This particular “highly-recommended” doctor told me if I didn’t lose weight, I would never have regular cycles or have kids. He told me since I weighed 287 pounds at just 35 years old, I needed to consider having bariatric surgery. I told him I had been dieting and had lost 11 pounds that month and I really was trying. “Ma’am, with all due respect, your biological clock is ticking and you don’t have a lot of time! If we were having this discussion 10 years ago it would be different,” he said. “You have lost 11 pounds and as soon as you get off the diet, you will gain double that.” He told me to gather my family and other support system and prepare myself for surgery.

I was in tears when that man walked out of that room, the nurse came back in and told me it was OK. She explained he may have been straight-to-the-point, but he was a great doctor! I left there feeling horrible and cried all the way home. I called my mother and told her what the doctor said. She was very supportive and told me to pray about it. The first thing I did was change doctors because I was angry at the truth!

In February 2010, I had an appointment with my new doctor (OB/GYN) and told him all about my experience with the previous doctor. He said if I wanted to have any type of bariatric procedure done, he could get me approved. He told me I could continue to diet and exercise, or do whatever I felt comfortable doing, I just needed to make it happen for myself! He explained that only I knew what would make me happy and he gave me the number to call for a seminar. He basically told me the same exact thing the previous doctor said; he just had a different “bedside” manner, so to speak. He was more compassionate towards my feelings! Unlike my last appointment, I left there with hope. I let a couple of days go by, then I called the number to attend the seminar. Of course I told my mom and (now) fiancée about my decision to attend the seminar and they were very supportive! They both went with me and it was a very informative. They answered any and all questions, and believe me, all three of us had plenty.

I left there with a different outlook on bariatric surgery — until you get educated, you are ignorant! I had so many failed diets I had tried them all: Slim fast, weight watchers, diet pills/water pills, shots, nutritionist, etc. etc. etc. I prayed and asked God to help me because I wanted to live a longer, healthier life. I had enough of being unhappy and miserable in my own skin! I got the show on the road I followed every appointment, attended every class and not once did I have a second thought about having the procedure done.

The day of my surgery I weighed in at 285 pounds. I got a Gastric Bypass on August 11, 2010 and to date I have lost 101lbs! On the one-year anniversary of my surgery, I woke up that morning, got on my knees and thanked God for my journey. Even the tough times I went through made me a better person and I wouldn’t change one thing about my life! The fat girl is gone. I buried her, along with the misery, the day I dialed the number to attend the seminar. I have the will to live! Many say you’ve got to have will power, but you really have to have the will to live!

The weight just didn’t magically disappear. There is still hard work; all I needed was that big push! My body now lets me know when I’m full. I normally would eat a full meal, dessert, seconds, thirds and a drink. Now I can only eat a cake plate of food and usually can’t finish it. I have so much energy now. I work out three to four days a week, and I must admit, the workouts were hard at first. I started out just walking a little, now I do just about every machine in the gym and walk five to six miles on some days. I have changed my eating habits completely and food choices, I haven’t had a carbonated drink in a year! I never really ate a lot of sweets, but I loved rich, cheesy and greasy foods. Now I love fruit and vegetables. In the past, I avoided mirrors. But I can now look in one and love the person that I see.

I wore a size 28 before my surgery, but now I’m a size 14. I lost a whole person! I still haven’t reached the finish line, I still have 50 more pounds to lose and I’m pushing full speed ahead. My journey has been my biggest inspiration to myself and my prayer is to help someone else who may be going through a similar situation. The first step is to admit you have a problem. You have to realize you need to get help because you can’t do it by yourself! Next, you need to get educated because there are different procedures that many bariatric centers offer. Then you need to join a support group with others that have the same goal as you and can help you on your journey. Remember you eat to live, not live to eat!

God deserves the “Encore.” He gave me the strength to accomplish this goal, He showed me grace and mercy, I owe my all to Him.

Susan M.

Date of Operation: October 28, 2008

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My story is similar to so many others that have struggled with their weight all their life. I tried every diet on the list and some of them were just crazy- low carb diets, the grapefruit diet, nutrisystems, weight watchers, south beach, and the list goes on and on. I could lose the weight, especially when I was younger, but would ultimately gain all of it and more back. The cycle became just a part of my everyday life. I’d gain weight and wear the large sizes clothes in my closet and then drop a few pounds, then gain them back and start all over. In my mid 30’s I realized that it wasn’t as easy to “crash diet” anymore and the amount of weight that I lost on each diet wave was getting to be less and less.

At my highest weight and lowest self esteem level I weighed over 210 lbs. At 5’2” that was a debilitating amount of weight to carry. I researched Lap Band and Gastric Bypass surgery for a couple of years and dreamed of having it done.  Then I stumbled onto Big Medicine on the Discovery Health channel. I watched it (in reruns, I believe) religiously. My husband was very opposed to me having the surgery. He had struggled with his weight for a few years since he had turned 40 and didn’t really understand why we couldn’t just “go on a diet” and solve the problem. I was determined to win him over and change my life and ultimately his life too, because this surgery affects the whole family, not just the person having the surgery.

I attended The Davis Clinic seminar in July 2008 and started the process of completing the steps to schedule my surgery. I had my consultation with Dr. Garth Davis and was approved medically for surgery; he recommended the Gastric Sleeve surgery for me based on my BMI and my weight loss goals. I didn’t meet my insurance company’s criteria for coverage but was determined to go forward with my plans for surgery, and Dr. Davis’s office gave me information on financing companies. I knew that I had to make this investment in my health and my future, or it was just a matter of time before I developed many of the health conditions that plague people that are morbidly obese.

On October 28, 2008, I had Gastric Sleeve surgery. I went into the hospital at over 210 lbs wearing a size 18+.  I was nervous but excited. This past week, I went to see Dr. Garth for my 1 year follow up. I was a little late getting the appointment scheduled. I am at my goal weight of 140 lbs and am wearing a size 4/6 and my BMI is around 25. I am also happy to share with you that my husband has lost 40+ lbs himself.

In the past, our social lives and entertainment revolved around food. We’ve changed our lifestyles and the food choices we make and have incorporated exercise into our lives. In the past, after a month or so on some super-restrictive diet, I’d fall off the diet wagon and regain all the weight I’d lost and more. Now after my surgery, if I start to lose focus on eating properly, I have a strong tool to help me stay in control and get back on track.

I think the most important thing I’ve learned and that I tell myself every morning when I get on the scale is that this is a tool and that my weight is still my responsibility. But, for the first time in my life, I believe I have the right tool to do the job! My recommendation to anyone considering bariatric surgery is: do your research, listen to your doctor, attend the support group meetings and don’t give up.  This surgery is life changing and it is so worth it!

Laura M.

Date of Operation: September 17, 2008

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I never had a weight problem as a child. In fact, I was quite thin. In middle school, my weight slowly started creeping up. In high school I got up to 140-150, but thought I was obese since my friends were all around 120. In college, my weight went back and forth between 220 and 140. I couldn't keep the weight off. After college, I got up to 250, then after my dad's cancer diagnosis and death, my weight skyrocketed up to 339 (probably higher, but that was my highest recorded weight).

I thought about weight loss surgery for years. I looked into the LAP-BAND, but did not want a foreign object in my body. Gastric bypass seemed too extreme to me. In the cases I had seen on TV, the people looked sickly. I was worried I could never eat "normally" again. I was still in denial, thinking I could do it myself. I just needed to eat less and exercise more (well, duh). I knew I had to do something. I had high blood pressure and was not the best mom I could be at my weight. I am a single mom by choice and my kids deserved better. Also, I did not want them to be teased for having the fattest mom in the class.

Then the series "Big Medicine" started airing. It showed real people who had gastric bypass surgery. They were successful losing weight and looked healthy doing so. And they were in Houston! I started thinking of weight loss surgery as an option. I researched for a few months and made an appointment to go to a seminar with Dr. Davis. November 2007 was my seminar and Dr. Robert Davis led it. It was eye-opening to me and made me realize that many of us just need some help to be successful. I stopped "blaming" myself and knew gastric bypass was for me.

I had to do six months of supervised diet for my insurance. I'll admit I did not do well during those six months, but I still knew I would be successful post-surgery. I completed the diet in June 2008. In July, I got my insurance approval and set my surgery date for September 17, 2008. September 2nd I had my pre-op appointment and weighed 311. I started my two week pre-op liquid diet the next day. September 12th, Hurricane Ike hit Houston hard. We made it through with only a few hours of lost power, but by Saturday morning, we had power, cable, internet, and phone back up and running. I had been on my liquid diet for 10 days at this point, which to me was the worst part of the whole process. I panicked, thinking that my surgery would be postponed. I e-mailed Dr. Davis on Saturday to ask him my status. He e-mailed me back within a few hours and told me he'd check and get back to me. Monday morning he e-mailed back "We're on!" I was thrilled.

My mother went with me to the hospital. Surgery was uneventful. I woke up and was in very little pain. I did take all of my pain meds to prevent pain. I came home on Friday. at first I did have "buyers remorse" which is common. "What did I do?" "Why couldn't I just lose weight without surgery?" After a few days, I felt better and these feelings went away, and 13 days after surgery, I returned to work.

I was exhausted the first few months, but little by little my energy returned. I had to learn to eat differently. Small bites and chewing were important lessons. Sugar and fat in large quantities were off-limits. I also learned to get in enough protein and water. And I love to exercise again. Life is completely different now. The weight came off steadily for me. In 14 months I lost 171 pounds and 199 overall and reached my goal weight of 140!
Life is grand. I am no longer on high blood pressure medicine. I have energy to keep up with my kids. I have had no problems associated with my weight loss surgery and have not developed any cross-addictions. Gastric bypass was the right decision for me. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Phyllis I.

Date of Operation: June 2, 2010

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I started my journey in September of 2009 after being obese for most of my adult life.  My knees and feet hurt, I had no energy, and I was constantly falling. Now since surgery, I have lost 90 pounds and I feel great and I am still losing! I have loads of energy and I don't hurt anymore. Thanks, Dr. Robert Davis, for giving me the tools to get my life back!

Elidia L.

Date of Operation: December 26, 2002

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Dr. Robert Davis and Dr. Garth Davis are in the business of changing lives.  I am an example of such a life changed.

I originally went and saw Drs. Davis just checking out options to deal with my weight issues. I was single, lonely, and pretty insecure about my future. Honestly, I lived to eat. I loved ice cream, potatoes, milk shakes ... I just loved food.

My first visit was with Dr. Robert Davis, and it seemed like I waited forever to see him. His office was full and while I waited, I talked with several of his devoted patients who raved about him. I wasn't so sure I'd feel the same way, sitting there waiting. Thank God, I did! They were all right. When you're going to the best, sometimes you just have to wait your turn.

I had RNY surgery on December 26, 2002, the day after Christmas. I met Dr. Garth Davis around 4am when I was walking the halls after surgery. He said, "I met you from the inside out....." , (he assisted Dr. Robert Davis on my case). I tell you this because it was important to me to have my doctors as my primary advocates at the hospital. My surgery went perfect with no complications. I went home and started losing weight!

On the day of surgery, I weighed 264 pounds.  Today, I weigh 148 pounds! I don't live to eat anymore. Now I find I have to stop and eat so I can go live.

I met my husband after I had surgery, and we now have two children. LIfe is busy and fantastic. No more hurting walking up stairs, or getting stuck in a ride at Six Flags. Clothes always fit, I'm not afriaid of cameras, and I can play with my kids until they pass out first.

Now, all these years later, I see Drs. Davis on BIG MEDICINE,and I am so thankful to have such great doctors. I would recommed them to anyone. They are honest, they really do care, and they have a gift. Thanks!

Nelda F.

Date of Operation: May 6, 2009


I had my surgery in May 2009. I chose to have the gastric sleeve done after hearing Dr. Davis speak at one of his seminars. Shortly after, I made my first appointment with Dr. Garth Davis. I immediately felt comfortable with him. I just knew I could trust him and I felt a sense of peace about him doing my surgery.

I have been obese as long as I can remember. I tried all different kinds of programs to loose weight. I was desperate to do something about my health and my future. After much thought and prayer, I knew it was time to take a huge step by having surgery. I met with three different surgeons, I chose Dr. Garth Davis. My aunt who had been a nurse working for various doctors in the medical center told me she "wanted me to go see one of the Dr. Davis doctors." She knew of their reputation, the wonderful work they do, and really didn't want me to go anywhere else.

Having surgery has been the best decision I have made for myself in a very long time. I have lost 130 lbs in a year!!!  My goal for this next year of my journey is to loose 170 lbs and then begin to focus on having plastic surgery. I am having a wonderful, amazing -- yet scary -- journey seeing myself change in body, mind & soul. I can not say enough about how compassionate Dr. Davis is, and what a wonderful bedside manner Dr. Garth Davis has. I am doing activities I have never been able to do ... I am able to mow my own lawn, I am able to clean my own home. My energy levels have grown by leaps & bounds. I must say if I had to make the decision to have surgery again, I would do it in a New York minute!

Belinda G.

Date of Operation: March 28, 2008

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My name is Belinda and I, like a ton of people, have struggled with my weight. It's a sad cliché. Among so many of us, we put family first and get very comfortable in our lives. We manage to forget the most important person, ourselves, and for this we pay the price in our health and physical appearance. I’m no different. I struggled after giving birth, gaining over 80 pounds. Not only was the weight creeping up, but also along with the weight gain came the insecurities and feelings of shame and low self-worth.

Slowly but surely, my health became the biggest issue. I’m only 4' 11" in height, so packing on the weight really showed and I could feel every single pound on my knees and the heels of my feet. Needless to say, I was in the doctor’s office frequently with all types of aches and pains and was told over and over again about my weight. I knew what I had to do, but doing it was not that easy. Like everyone else, I failed at all the diets and regained what I would lose.

When I heard about the LAP-BAND, I thought, "This is one more gimmick for people to get their hopes up high and then crushed again," so I paid no mind to it until I felt my health getting worse. I started having heart palpitations and sleeping problems. I would wake up gasping for air. I would pray that I would make it through the day and night alive. That, in and of itself, was scary. So my dilemma was either: (1) I’m going to die of a heart attack or (2) I’m going to die in my sleep, so I decided to settle for neither. I wanted to live! I did the research on all the weight loss surgeries and went to a couple of seminars to learn as much as I could about the procedures and about different surgeons. The decision was easy. I was no longer in the dark. I was on a mission to be healthy!

The way I began to see things was like Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz." I wanted to see the great Wizard, so I followed the yellow brick road and went through all the struggles and even denials to get to the "Emerald City" where I knew I would eventually get to see "the great Oz," Dr. Davis, and ask for help.

On March 28, 2008 I got my very own LAP-BAND System, and thanks to the help of Dr. Davis and his staff at The Davis Clinic, I have lost over 60 pounds! My medical issues started melting away along with the pounds. My knees and feet no longer hurt. I do not wake up gasping for air.

My story is kind of like that of Dorothy ... I knew I had it in me all along ... I just needed the right people and the right tools to get my where I needed to go. Today, I am happy and healthy! The best advise I can give someone is to do the research not only on the types of weight loss surgery, but the surgeon and their program as well. I’m very fortunate to have a found a great surgeon in Dr. Davis, and he has an awesome staff.

Gwendolyn N.

Date of Operation: April 8, 2009

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"You know it's working when your panties fall down!"

We must have set some kind of record! There are five of us that have already had surgery by one of the Drs. Davis, and another that is scheduled for surgery 09/22. In addition, two more friends are on the roster for orientation for September! That’s eight of us just from one office! WOW! And we all look and feel fabulous!

In contrast, there are also two other co-workers here that have had surgeries from different doctors and the results are not the same.

For me personally, surgery was 04/08/2009, and I walked out of the hospital diabetes free! I've not had one pill since that day, and I've not had one sick day from work either. I had uncontrollable diabetes, problems with my eyes, urinary incontinence, and I was tired and feel asleep without notice.

I suffered a stroke on 11/14/2008 while sitting at my desk at work. It was after that I decided my heath was too important to jeopordize. I needed a “do-over" ... an opportunity to take good care of my body and put myself first. It’s been four months and I’m already down 60 pounds!

My favorite day was the day I was walking along and my panties fell down! Luckily, I was wearing pants. I kept feeling something around my lower hips so I went to the bathroom and discovered that my panties had fallen down! They were WAY too big! I laughed until I cried. Then I knew my weight loss surgery was working, and I it would never let the weight come back.

So now, when people ask how I feel about my experience, I just tell them, "You’ll know it’s working when your panties fall down!”

Linda H.

Date of Operation: September 3, 2008

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I avoided cameras. No, I didn't like my picture taken. Actually, I didn't like the way I looked in pictures. I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without sounding like a 90 year old, huffing and puffing. I was on so many medicines that it filled up a page. I had sleep apnea, beginning stages of diabetes, high cholesterol, acid reflux and the list goes on.

At the time, I was working and several people from the office had lap band surgery and tried to talk me into having it. I finally got connected to The Davis Clinic and went to the first class.

After hearing Dr. Garth Davis talk about the pros and cons of each, I knew I had to have weight loss surgery, and after talking with Dr. Robert Davis, we decided I really needed the gastric bypass. It was several months before everything was cleared for me to have the surgery. Even my husband was saying that it was too dangerous and he didn't want me to have it because of that.

I went to the hospital smiling and joking. I can't say it was an easy surgery because, for me, it wasn't. But after three weeks, the pain went away, along with the fat and I couldn't have been happier. Now, my husband is estatic about the way I look. It's almost a year later and to date, I have lost 99 pounds and feel like I will lose one or two more pounds. I am now in a size 8 and can walk and jog a little. I laugh and am a very happy person.

Thanks to Dr. Robert Davis, my marriage is better than it has been in 30 years, I feel better than I've felt in 20-something years, and I look forward to being active.

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