Surgery FAQs

Thank you for your interest in UMC financing for your procedure/services at UT Physcians - The Davis Clinic.

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To maximize the Medical Expenses Tax Deduction on your personal tax return, be sure to include the following expenses:

  • All medical expenses, including most dental expenses, for everyone listed on your tax return (your spouse and dependents)
  • Costs of medically supervised weight loss programs (but not the cost of low-calorie food). To justify the deduction, your doctor must recommend participation in a weight loss program to reduce health risks.
  • Insurance payments paid with taxed income
  • Uninsured medical expenses including eyeglasses, contact lenses, and hearing aids
  • Prescription drug costs not covered by insurance, and co-payments for medications covered by insurance
  • Travel expenses to and from medical treatments, calculated by using standard mileage rates, set each year by the IRS (23 cents per mile in 2012)1
  • Medically necessary costs prescribed by physicians
  • The cost for corrective eye surgery



1 Mileage deduction is based on information acquired at in February 2012. This amount is subject to change annually.