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At The Davis Clinic, providing you with tools and resources for success is second nature to us because we understand what it takes to reach your weight loss goals. That’s why we’ve created our “Ask Your Nurse” section. This resource allows you to submit questions about your specific needs and concerns regarding weight loss, vitamin, mineral and protein supplementation, questions about healing, or other issues that may arise as you go through our program. We try to answer all questions submitted, but cannot guarantee that your question will be posted permanently online, so we suggest that you check back often to review questions that were selected for publication here. All questions will be answered via email even if they are not selected for posting to our website.

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As a reminder, many of your questions have already been addressed and can be reviewed in our Frequently Asked Questions.

About Jamie J. Carr, BSN, RN, CBN Jamie Carr, BSN, RN

Ms. Carr brings significant experience in the field of bariatrics to The Davis Clinic. Her background is in developing bariatric programs, and she has been involved with outcomes establishment and measurement, patient support programs, critical pathways, protocols, and bariatric team development. Ms. Carr has consulted for bariatric surgical practices across the country to assist in improving patient outcomes and enhancing aftercare programs. In addition, she has consulted for the Surgical Review Corporation, in the Division of Clinical Quality and Compliance where she assisted in developing the bariatric Centers of Excellence program and performed site inspections for the first credentialed bariatric centers in the nation.

Ms. Carr is a certified bariatric nurse. She served as the National Chair for the ASMBS Foundation’s annual Walk from Obesity for over four years, and is a past-member of the board for the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Foundation. She has served on the Public and Professional Education Committee for the ASMBS, has written numerous articles for WLS Lifestyles magazine, including a cover story with the former Surgeon General of the United States of America, and currently serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for WLS Lifestyles magazine. In addition, she has served on the ASMBS RN Credentialing Task Force and, most recently, as a faculty member for the Certified Bariatric Nurse Preparatory Course. She serves on the RN Certification Development Committee and chairs the Marketing subcommittee. She is also a past member of the BariMD Advisory Board.

Ms. Carr has collaborated with bariatric industry manufactures as an educational consultant, has been a featured speaker at national conferences, and has been featured on the Discovery Health Channel on two one-hour specials regarding the treatment of obesity in America.

Prior to taking on the role of Clinical Director at The Davis Clinic, Ms. Carr served as Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations for Bariatric Partners, Inc., headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she managed all aspects of starting and maintaining ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) in cities across the country under the brand name “JourneyLite.” She was responsible for state licensure and accreditation, as well as overseeing all operational aspects of successfully running an ASC.

Jamie is a strong proponent of research and education, believing in the empowerment of the weight loss surgery patient. She has worked with thousands of bariatric patients and was the clinical director for Dr. John D. Husted in his private practice in Nashville for over eight years.

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Ask Your Nurse Questions

Ask Your Nurse Answers

  • If you were to have bariatric surgery in Houston, we would require you to stay in town until after your first post-operative appointment, usually 7-10 days after surgery.  At that time, once your surgeon releases you, you are free to travel home, but we will instruct you on walking every 45 minutes (stopping the car if you drive), or getting up and walking the aisles in the airplane if you fly.  The reason for this is that we do not want blood to pool in your lower extremities, as this can cause DVT or deep vein thrombosis, which can cause a pulmonary embolus (PE) to form.  If a PE forms and dislodges, it can travel to the lung, causing immediate death.  This is why walking is so vitally important for our patients before and long after surgery.

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  • If your gallstones are causing you pain, yes, surgery is the answer in order to resolve gallstones.  Laparoscopic surgery can be performed to remove the gallbladder and is usually done as outpatient surgery.  Most patients go home the same day and are back to work within 4-7 days. As far as surgeries go, a laparoscopic gallbladder surgery is fairly easy from which to recover. 

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  • We'll go over your specific vitamin regimen when you're in our office at your next appointment.  Each patient is different, based on your labs. In general, we usually prescribe one B-12 2500mcg sublingual daily; however, we'll look at your Vitamin B12 level specifically and prescribe based on your actual needs.

    You should absolutely begin your vitamin regimen now ... pre-op vitamins will help prepare your body to heal. Congratulations on your surgery date! We look forward to sharing in your amazing journey! 

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  • Absolutely, there is hope!  Drs. Davis specialize in revision bariatric surgery and revise VBGs to either gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy. To get started in our program, just register to attend our Wednesday class.  There, Dr. Davis will explain each procedure, discuss revisions, and go over risks, benefits, how and why each procedure works, and what to expect with regards to weight loss.  In addition, you'll receive a packet of information from us that will explain next steps, making it very easy to get in for a consultation and to get you approved for surgery as quickly as possible.

    To get started in our program, just call us at 800-363-4145 or register online by clicking FREE SEMINAR.  We look forward to taking excellent care of you and working to improve your health and to reach your weight loss goals! 

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  • At your initial consultation, you'll be weighed, your body mass index -- or BMI -- will be calculated, we'll take your blood pressure, review your medical history, review your medications, and you'll see Dr. Davis.  At that time, you and he will discuss the bet options for you, based on your comorbid conditions, medications, age, starting weight, lifestyle, eating habits, etc.  In addition, you'll meet with our insurance specialist who will review your specific insurance policy and review your benefits specific to your plan.  You'll leave knowing exactly what your insurance company requires in order to meet approval, and what, if anything, you may still need to do in order to be approved (psych evaluation, nutritional evaluation, etc).  We try and make it as simple as possible in order to educate you along the way and get you approved for surgery as soon as possible.

  • You are not alone. Many of our bariatric patients suffer from reflux, which is common with morbid obesity, as the excess weight presses the stomach up and puts pressure into the esophagus. Over his 30+ year career, Dr. Robert Davis has performed thousands of surgeries to correct and treat reflux. You will be in excellent hands!
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