About The Davis Clinic

At The Davis Clinic, our program is carefully structured to support you through every step of your weight loss journey and beyond. Our staff of professionals is here for you – from your doctor to your dietitian – and we are all committed to helping you be successful in achieving your weight loss goals. 

Our surgical expertise lies in bariatric medicine, the surgical treatment for the disease of morbid obesity. Our patients entrust us with one of the most important decisions of their lives – many times literally changing the course of their lives forever through making the decision to have weight loss surgery. It isn’t unusual for our surgery patients to lose 100 pounds or more in the first six months of their journey alone … and with each pound lost, a new, healthier life is gained!

But we realize that bariatric surgery is not right for everyone, so now the experts in weight loss surgery are also the experts in non-surgical weight loss management. The Davis Clinic program is the only comprehensive program in Houston, offering weight loss solutions tailored to each individual in our program.  
Our surgical program is carefully designed with your comfort and safety in mind, and at The Davis Clinic you’ll find:
• An ASMBS Center of Excellence program where all surgeries performed are done at ASMBS COE-certified facilities
• Surgeons who operate with state-of-the-art technology in fully laparoscopic surgical suites
• An environment thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of our patients
• A positive, safe atmosphere for ongoing aftercare and support
• The only bariatric program in America featured for two seasons on TLC’s hit show, BIG MEDICINE (now seen on Discovery Health in over 300 countries world-wide)
• A program that only employs bariatric-trained healthcare personnel with a compassion and understanding for treating the disease of obesity

The Davis Clinic surgeons are experienced, skilled surgeons that have been specially trained in all weight loss surgical procedures. We understand that no one desires or chooses to be obese – and we can help you achieve a normal-weight life.

Our webinars will are helpful  to assist you with learning about each surgical procedure available today – how and why it works – weight loss surgery risks and benefits, why surgical intervention for obesity is an effective and appropriate medical treatment for the disease, and what kind of weight loss to expect. You will also get a glimpse of what your life will be like after surgery, and how to effectively use your procedure as a tool for success. 

At The Davis Clinic, we understand that surgery is a one-day event, but how you live your life is ongoing. That’s why we provide a host of educational and support options, giving you the tools and resources you need to be as successful as possible. At The Davis Clinic, we are committed to helping you achieve – and maintain – your goal weight.