About Weight Loss Surgery

As you research your options about surgical weight loss procedures available today, we know there is a lot of information out there and it can be confusing. As experts in bariatric medicine, we want to emphasize that your safety and comfort is of utmost importance to us.

Our surgical practice – and the hospitals where we perform surgeries – are all designated as bariatric centers of excellence. As such, this designation reiterates that everything we do is designed to make sure that your comfort, well-being and safety are always put first.

Most surgery is performed laparoscopically, with tiny incisions used rather than the old technique of using a large incision, which significantly scarred the abdomen from the breastbone to the belly button. With the newer laparoscopic approach, only a few tiny scars are left on the belly and, with time, most fade and may not even be visible. We’ll discuss the laparoscopic approach in more detail below.

Facts about the Laparoscopic Surgical Approach

At The Davis Clinic, we understand your concerns about how surgery will be performed. To reduce risks of infection, scarring, and other complications associated with the older, “open” surgical technique, nearly every procedure we do is performed laparoscopically.  Dr. Garth Davis and Dr. John A. (Tony) Primomo specialize in the laparoscopic surgical approach, making surgery less invasive, and making the recovery period much easier for you.

In the laparoscopic approach, several tiny incisions are made in the abdomen rather than making a larger, long incision along the midline of the belly. A tiny camera and small surgical instruments are inserted through these incisions, allowing the surgeon to operate while viewing the procedure on a video monitor. Once surgery is completed, the camera and instruments are removed and incisions are closed. With a laparoscopic surgery, most people return to work within one to two weeks of their procedure.

Preparing for Your Surgery

The surgeons and staff at The Davis Clinic understand that obtaining better health and a better quality of life through weight loss surgery are extremely important to you. That’s why you have our commitment to provide excellent clinical care, nutrition and behavior modification education, exercise classes, an online community that’s available to you 365/24/7, and ongoing support throughout your weight loss journey.

To get started in our surgical weight loss program, just register to attend a free pre-operative educational seminar. At our seminar, you will learn the facts about why weight loss surgery is considered an appropriate and effective treatment for morbid obesity, how surgery is performed, associated risks and benefits, potential complications, what kind of weight loss to expect with each procedure, and real life after surgery.

Click here to watch our free pre-operative webinar today. 

Once you’ve attended our seminar, you’ll receive next steps for moving down your personal path to freedom from obesity.

At The Davis Clinic, we understand the importance of surrounding yourself with success, so we encourage you to check the schedule of our support groups and nutrition classes and begin attending right away. Studies show that people who attend live support group meetings before and after their weight loss surgery reach and maintain their goal weight more often than individuals that do not. At our support groups you’ll meet others who have traveled the path before you and can offer encouragement, friendly advice, and real-life practical tips for success. You will also meet others going through the journey right alongside you. You’ll be surrounded by individuals that truly understand your struggles and who simply just “get it.” In addition, our “Food as Friend or Fuel?” coursework will allow you to finally make the mental and emotional connections that are critical to your long-term success.